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Posted in Ramblings on July 31, 2011 by Gabriele

What fresh hell is this? I am in the process of constructing some kind of portfolio which features my finished work without the rambling that they appear with on here. Until I can make something fully professional, maybe a PDF download or a pay portfolio site, I am using

I know. Don’t judge. here is the link for those of you tired of reading my words. I promise to keep this one (almost) word free. But stay here with me. I’m more fun here.


Dykeenies: tour

Posted in Graphic Design on July 29, 2011 by Gabriele


Here is a tour poster I made for The Dykeenies. I don’t know if they are going to use it or not. I didn’t have much to work with resource wise. A picture, a logo and a bunch of text. Original picture was black and white, and in a square. Used free lens filters and chopped the picture and switched it round so it was in a rectangle. I know the text is real busy. But it all had to fit in there somehow. I hate text.

Cat & Mouse

Posted in Illustration on July 28, 2011 by Gabriele

I did an illustration for TMTATC merch that was so ugly it made my eyes bleed. Literally. I am too ashamed to post it. In any case. I did a new one. I’m still not happy with it. But trust me it is better than the first one.

I miss old fashioned cartoons. Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes. You know. There’s a movie called cat soup. I wanted to do an Andy Warhol cat soup.

The Mouse That Ate The Cat: portrait in pink

Posted in Illustration on July 24, 2011 by Gabriele

Illustration for The Mouse That Ate The Cat. Early 2010. I really like drawing suits. The idea was that they’d use this instead of a real picture of them. I did not use reference images of the band at their request. Therefore any resemblance to real life persons is totally coincidental. Well. I knew that one of them is a flaming ginger.

Plague Doctor

Posted in Illustration on July 20, 2011 by Gabriele

Did this illustration for German hardcore band, Endbringer (whose art I’ve praised in the previous post). I don’t think they ever used it. I also do not think they ever will use it. I guess this should be in some kind of chronicle because I made it last year. Those were simpler times. Those were good times.

This beastie is a modern day plague doctor. Plague doctors were around during the bubonic plague. They travelled from house to house in strange leather cloak type things and beaked masks to protect them from the plague. They were not very effective practitioners. This one has an organ on his jacket which is worrying. And a little sparrow on his shoulder. They also used to wear broad-brimmed hats. This one doesn’t.

Falling Down: an adventure into animation

Posted in Other Projects with tags , , , , , on July 17, 2011 by Gabriele

I like visual communication. In fact I like it so much that I’m willing to stick my finger into any pie that has some kind of visual element that I can work on. Glasgow band The Mouse That Ate The Cat approached me recently with such a proposal. Context: I’ve done work for them before. We are friends. They do not expect miracles. The proposal was to help them out with a music video they were making. All I had to do was put some animation over their footage. Simple animation: cartoon onomatopoeia reminiscent of old Batman tv shows. Not so simple execution. I worked in the monster of a program Adobe After Effects CS4. Going from Windows Movie Maker to this was hell. Eventually I managed to (using the basic skills I picked up) add what was needed to the video in a very unprofessional way.

For the onomatopoeia I tried to get a Roy Lichtenstein feel rather than the more slapstick variety you often see around. Unfortunately the half-tone effect is not very visible in the video. It’s there though. I liked working on this project. I hope I can get really good at After Effects some time.

Long overdue purchase: Endbringer- ‘Empoison The Harvest’

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I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Some time last year I attempted to buy German hardcore act Endbringer’s new (at the time) record ‘Empoison The Harvest’. The order went through and all was well but the package never arrived. Twice. This is definitely the fault of either the German postal services or (more likely) the South African postal services. We are not known for our honesty or efficiency when it comes to most things.Today I finally purchased the digital album off the band’s badcamp page. Feeling chuffed. I really like this band. I don’t just like their music, but I love their aesthetic.

I actually did a t-shirt illustration for them a while back when I met the drummer and the bassist here in Cape Town. Eventually they opted for something designed by the bassist, Chris Paraskevopoulos. That’s the design I featured above. He also designed that record sleeve and I assume all of their merch and other art. I can see why. I like everything about these designs. I like the minimal use of colour and the emphasis on tone. I like the mood. I like how un-busy they are. I love the typography. I like how “ENDBRINGER” does not overpower the images. I like that there is no way I could ever be this classy. Negative and positive space on the t-shirt design. Everything.