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love yourself and the rest will follow

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love yourself and the rest will follow

ok. so it’s been a dry few months since my last post in March. Here’s something that is going to accompany a piece I wrote for a friend’s start-up publication. nice to do something that isn’t a birthday card. this is the first and final draft. I had 12 days to work on it and left it until the last minute as usual. sexy face (c.) Emil



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Here are some t-shirt design ideas for The Dykeenies. They are the only productive thing I’ve done in the past few weeks. L.A. Noire has systematically destroyed my life, and I regret nothing. Actually that’s a lie. If I’d never played the game I’d never have gone into this ridiculous depressive slump from finishing it and the fantasy having to come to a vicious end.

back of the rack

Posted in Graphic Design, Illustration on November 28, 2011 by Gabriele

Here’s an album cover I did for a digital mixtape called Back Of The Rack, for the music blog Our Vinyl.¬†You can see it here



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Two versions of the twitter badge I designed for a blog project I’m working on with the cat. I am the fox. More on this when we have something to show for it.

The Dykeenies: new album artwork project

Posted in Graphic Design with tags , , , on October 22, 2011 by Gabriele

The Dykeenies just dropped their new album about a month ago, and guess who did the album art? Yes. It was me. This is the second time I’ve worked for them. Here is the first job. Here are some samples that you might want to check out. The photos are not mine, they are (c.) The Dykeenies. Basically they sent me a big old file filled with photos from their studio and these were to be used in constructing the album art along with their logo… and of course all the text was also provided for me to work with.

the official album cover:

A mock-up of the t-shirt. The final design was pretty much this, but the colour was slightly different and totally monotone:

This was quite a pressurised job by comparison to what I’m used to, but I’m glad about how everything turned out. It was also good to get back into basic photo editing, since my illustration work usually under-develops these skills.

Be sure to check the Dykeenies out.

Exc7us1on C0mRad3

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Bauhaus Seals

Posted in Graphic Design on August 8, 2011 by Gabriele

I really love seals. I love all animals really. So I made this to advertise a protest against the killing of 85 000 seals in Namibia every year for their fur.I could talk about this for a long time and get emotional. I am not going to do that now.

I know it’s not really Bauhaus. But it’s more Bauhaus than anything I’ve done before. I like it. Trying to go for something less busy. Decided that gore is a bit overused and frankly unless done right can look really tacky.