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This is the new year

Posted in Illustration, Ramblings, Sketchbook with tags on February 11, 2014 by Gabriele

Image My step-father once told me that addiction is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Obviously this wasn’t his knock-down definition, but it stuck with me. Every year I make resolutions hoping for them to stick, and they never do, but ever year I go through the same tired ritual. …maybe this year will be different. A friend and I have set ourselves the project of drawing the same thing every day for a week. It doesn’t matter ¬†how badly they are drawn. We decided on frogs (obviously). I’m hoping that this project will keep me interested and allow me to improve this year. To try and keep myself on the right track I’m going to mention my goals here.

  • Keep committed to the drawing project for the year. (draw every day)
  • Complete 4 graphic design tutorials per month.

Here goes.


08h15: Golly what a day

Posted in Ramblings, Sketchbook on November 3, 2011 by Gabriele

Fans of Disney’s 1973 classic, Robin Hood will appreciate the title, not so much my failed attempts at recreating the amazing work done by Disney studios back in the days of celluloid animation. But maybe it’s a start. I want to get into animation slowly. The old fashioned variety. Digital fucks everything up. Check this out:

That’s good old animation for you. And that’s why old Disney is better than new Disney generally speaking. I think because it was so much effort to make each film they thought things through so much more. Most animated films and shorts nowadays feel very “mass-produced”.

P.S. I love Robin Hood (the film and its main character). Thinking of getting him as a tattoo sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.


Posted in Ramblings on July 31, 2011 by Gabriele

What fresh hell is this? I am in the process of constructing some kind of portfolio which features my finished work without the rambling that they appear with on here. Until I can make something fully professional, maybe a PDF download or a pay portfolio site, I am using

I know. Don’t judge. here is the link for those of you tired of reading my words. I promise to keep this one (almost) word free. But stay here with me. I’m more fun here.

Long overdue purchase: Endbringer- ‘Empoison The Harvest’

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , , , , on July 15, 2011 by Gabriele

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Some time last year I attempted to buy German hardcore act Endbringer’s new (at the time) record ‘Empoison The Harvest’. The order went through and all was well but the package never arrived. Twice. This is definitely the fault of either the German postal services or (more likely) the South African postal services. We are not known for our honesty or efficiency when it comes to most things.Today I finally purchased the digital album off the band’s badcamp page. Feeling chuffed. I really like this band. I don’t just like their music, but I love their aesthetic.

I actually did a t-shirt illustration for them a while back when I met the drummer and the bassist here in Cape Town. Eventually they opted for something designed by the bassist, Chris Paraskevopoulos. That’s the design I featured above. He also designed that record sleeve and I assume all of their merch and other art. I can see why. I like everything about these designs. I like the minimal use of colour and the emphasis on tone. I like the mood. I like how un-busy they are. I love the typography. I like how “ENDBRINGER” does not overpower the images. I like that there is no way I could ever be this classy. Negative and positive space on the t-shirt design. Everything.