10h30: anatomy study

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Using the ImagineFX: How To Draw & Paint Anatomy. I could get tired of this really quickly. I know it’s important though. I really really do.


10h00: thegreatdestr0yer (10 MINUTE SKETCHES)

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this is Trent Reznor. ┬áBut you should know that. If you didn’t then shame on you… or shame on my drawing skills. I owe this guy a lot. A big piece of my happiness. And my film and media storyboard (which i may or may not have based entirely on year zero).

Trying to do more speed drawing/painting. These were 10 minutes worth.

08h15: Golly what a day

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Fans of Disney’s 1973 classic, Robin Hood will appreciate the title, not so much my failed attempts at recreating the amazing work done by Disney studios back in the days of celluloid animation. But maybe it’s a start. I want to get into animation slowly. The old fashioned variety. Digital fucks everything up. Check this out:

That’s good old animation for you. And that’s why old Disney is better than new Disney generally speaking. I think because it was so much effort to make each film they thought things through so much more. Most animated films and shorts nowadays feel very “mass-produced”.

P.S. I love Robin Hood (the film and its main character). Thinking of getting him as a tattoo sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.


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The Dykeenies: new album artwork project

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The Dykeenies just dropped their new album about a month ago, and guess who did the album art? Yes. It was me. This is the second time I’ve worked for them. Here is the first job. Here are some samples that you might want to check out. The photos are not mine, they are (c.) The Dykeenies. Basically they sent me a big old file filled with photos from their studio and these were to be used in constructing the album art along with their logo… and of course all the text was also provided for me to work with.

the official album cover:

A mock-up of the t-shirt. The final design was pretty much this, but the colour was slightly different and totally monotone:

This was quite a pressurised job by comparison to what I’m used to, but I’m glad about how everything turned out. It was also good to get back into basic photo editing, since my illustration work usually under-develops these skills.

Be sure to check the Dykeenies out.

05h45: Another year 0lder

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Birthday card for a friend of mine. I know it might look really easy to draw elk, but for me it was really really hard.

Exc7us1on C0mRad3

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